During my study, I did an ‘International Fashion Magazines’ minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. This is where my love for magazines grew from wanting to read and have them laying on a book shelve  to actually make them myself.
This is where I made ‘White Noise’ magazine together with 4 international students. I was in charge of the typography and came up with concepts and writing of some of the articles.
The follow-up ‘ANT fashion magazine’ we made during the 2nd semester with a group of 30 international students. This magazine was sold worldwide. I was responsible for the online part of the magazine. Blog, behind the scenes photography, buzz, webdesign and as a multimedia-designer I did some of the photo-editing for the magazine and yearbook.

After graduating I participated in a project of the city Utrecht. We made the magazine BRON. I added my sketches for the cover of the magazine, which reflects my style of editorial design.

Online versions of the magazines I designed or participated in:
White Noise
Empower! – Schouten Global, Volco Ocean Race

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