TETE-A-TETE Graduation project

This is the project I graduated with last January 2012. It is a project that I designed myself, both concept and visual wise. It was my only chance to be my own boss and do whatever I wanted, since I didn’t do a collaboration with a company or anything. The idea was floating around in my head for quite a while and this was the perfect time to go for it. I can’t tell to much about the project, because it isn’t launched yet. But in short; it’s an online platform where you can find your missed connection back. I’ve built a wireframe website in which the whole interface works and where you can see how everything looks like. I designed it in a way looking closest to reality by using ‘natural’ colours, textures and fonts. To use the platform you have to stick to a certain amount of rules which makes sure the overall look and meaning of the platform stays intact and visible.