I designed the visual identity of the West Brabantse Waterlinie at This area in the south of the Netherlands is part of the Brabantse Wal. Superrebel designed an identity for this mother organisation earlier this year. I was asked to design the identity with the same colours and fonts used for the overall organisation.
The waterline is an old defensive work in which several areas outside of the forts could be put under water. The forts have unique corners which recognisable shape I used for the logo. The ‘W’ I transformed into water waves which are a metaphor for leading you the way through the nature park.

WBWL_Showcase_V1-03 WBWL_Showcase_V1-02 WBWL_Showcase_V1-05 WBWL_Showcase_V1-04WBWL_Showcase_V1-07 WBWL_Showcase_V1-08