COOK&BOON – identity

Rebranding of the full identity of coffeeroasters brand ‘Cook & Boon’ which includes the design of stationary, packages, products, campaign, photography/photostyling and webdesign.

Cook & Boon is a premium coffee brand for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. Just taste isn’t enough so they let their customers #TasteSupercharged. Taste is also the starting point of the new tasteful packaging design. The fashionable design reflects the modern coffee-roasters and their taste for exceptional quality. The biggest challenge was to create a design that fits the complete product range. From the largest coffee bag to the smallest sugar bag and every item in between. Even the company car is part of the range. The result is a new and distinctive design that is stylish, fashionable and above all: very tasteful. This is what Cook & Boon means with #TasteSupercharged.

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*Nominated for the PENTAWARDS 2017

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