GREED VI / Magazine

Every year House of Pertijs brings out a brochure we design in the shape of a gorgeous magazine with a strong theme visible throughout the whole medium.
This 5th edition we’ve came up with the idea to bring jewelry and racing together, which perfectly fit together in the clientele of HOP. Inspired on the 70′s race king and icon Steve mcQueen. The lead actor in the legendary Le Mans movie from 1971. The atmosphere and experience of that movie and especially the sultry images on the set were the inspiration for the magazine’s photography. The cover model does not only look like Steve McQueen, he also wears his same watch: the TAG Heuer Monaco. A magazine about the desire for speed, where roaring engines predominate and gasoline vapors from splashing.
The colour choices, vibe and styling are all inspired on the 70′s and turned out to result in a beautiful magazine.

Slight trough the full magazine here on issuu

Disciplines: concepting, editorial design, art direction, photography direction

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